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Brow and Full Face Threading

Threading is an ancient way to remove hair and peach fuzz from the hair follicle to give you a hair free look. Come into today to see our
top quality threading experts. From brows, underarms and facial hair removal, we do it all!

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Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Are you looking for a permanent hair removal solutions to get rid of hair for good? Electrolysis is the only FDA approved hair removal method available in the US.

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Full Body Waxing For Men and Women

Are you looking for full body waxing for men and women? We provided high quality waxing services. We are best know for our Brazilian Sugaring waxing.
Stop by today to get your next wax.

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Skin Care Treatments

Regardless of your age, skin care treatments are vital to maintain your skin looking its best. At the end of the day, you skin is what represents you the best.
Invest in your skin today!

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Threading San Diego


Threading is a type of hair removal method that has been practiced for hundreds of years. Facial hair is removed meticulously and quickly from the most delicate parts of the face, including the sideburns, upper lip, lower lip and eyebrows. This is accomplished by using knotted thread to grab hair and then pull it out by its root. This is the best alternative to tweezing and waxing, particularly for those who have sensitive skin. In contrast to waxing, a layer of skin is not removed during the threading process, which may make the skin susceptible to damage from the sun. Is the least invasive facial hair removal method by far, and is able to target individual hairs, even the most fine ones (peachfuzz) to achieve the smooth finish and precise shape that you really want. Eyebrow threading is our most popular services and we also offer full face threading servcies. Threading overall is an effective and inexpensive hair removal method, and unlike waxing, there is no increased chances of peeled skin or damaged skin. It is also a great option for people who are unable to wax like those who use strong acne medication like Renova, Accutane, Retin-A and so on. Our San Diego threading experts on our staff can help you with more question may have.



Unwanted lip hair is something that woman of all different ages struggle with. We remove all of your unwanted hair instantly, in addition to any peach-fuzz appearing on your upper lift. Your lip is left smooth to the touch. The threading results in your upper lip hair becoming finer over time. Since no scalding wax substances or dangerous chemicals are used to extract the hair, there is practically no down-time associated with upper lip threading. Some redness might occur. However, it will normally dissipate within one hour. Give your confidence a boost by getting rid of your unwanted lip hair. Get your appointment scheduled today.


The chin threading process removes straggly thick chin hair and unwanted peach fuzz at the follicle level. All signs of thick and dark hair roots are removed by the procedures. Your chin will instantly become smooth and silky to the touch. Our chin threading procedure includes lower lip threading as well. This process removes the peach fuzz and short fine hair which frequently causes your lower lip to look smaller and darker. Getting rid of your lower lip hair creates a more attractive, fuller and well defined lower lip instantly. Visit us today!

After all our threading services are completed, our specialist will offer to apply an alcohol-free, soothing toner. It is safe even for very sensitive skin.. The toner will help to get your skin returned to its natural state faster and help to soothe minor irritation.


We provide all our clients a complete spa menu that included waxing, electrolysis and skin care. We have options for all our clients with two other types of hair removal options. Some people prefer waxing and for those folks we offer top quality services like Brazilian waxing for men and women and full body waxing. For those looking for a permanent solution we offer electrolysis. Electrolysis hair removal is the only permanent hair removal method approved by the FDA.

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